Outer Bean Café Duck

Saturday – Sunday 7:30 am to 3:00 pm


Egg cheese on Focaccia: Cheddar cheese and hard-boiled egg $5.25

Bacon Egg cheese on Focaccia: Bacons, cheddar cheese and hard-boiled egg $6.5

Ham Egg cheese on Focaccia: Ham, cheddar cheese and hard-boiled egg $7.5

Turkey Egg cheese on Focaccia: Turkey, cheddar cheese and hard-boiled egg $7.5

Nana Loves: Wheat bread, basil pesto, hummus, hardboiled egg, avocado, red onions, tomatoes, spinach $9.99

Hummus on Focaccia Hummus, tomatoes and cucumber $5.95

Avocado Toast: Basil pesto, avocado, tomatoes with wheat bread $5.95

Vegan Sandwich: Olive tapenade, hummus, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, cucumbers, slice apple, Spinach on focaccia bread $8.99 (V)

Bagel with smoked Salmon: Salmon, plain cream cheese, capers and red onions $9.99

Classic Granola Bowl: Plain yogurt, honey, granola and nuts, fresh cut seasonal fruits $7.95 (V*)

Acai Bowl: Blueberry, strawberry, banana, acai, agave blended with almond milk topped with granola, peanuts butter, fruits and coconuts $9.50

Bagel with Cream cheese: $3.50

Build your own sandwich

Choice one $2 Add on $1.5 Add on $3 Add on $2 Add on $0.5
Plain Bagel

Everything Bagel

Cinnamon Bagel

Wheat Bread

Focaccia Bread


Plain CC

Veggie CC

Peanut Butter


Honey & Butter

Jelly & Butter


Cheddar C.

Pepper Jack






Basil Pesto

Olive tapenade




Romain L.

Add mustard 

Add Mayo








Tomato basil sandwich: Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, romaine lettuce, feta cheese, basil pesto, on Challah $8.99 (V*)

Classic BLT Sandwich: Tomatoes, bacon, lettuce, with mayo on Challah Roll $8.99

Sandwich with Meat (pick one): Please choice your meat with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, choice above and cheese with avocado aioli, basil pesto on challah.  $9.9

Add Smoked Turkey  or                 Add Tavern Ham