You can wrap your cards in YuGiOh. However, Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments have pretty strict requirements on how you can cover your cards. That means you can`t expect to wrap them as loosely as you could in a game like The Pokemon Trading Card Game or Magic the Gathering. Don`t buy anime cover art wholesale purchases like Bushiroad hg. These are for standard size games. When you place a Yugioh card in a standard case, the layering wool is removed and the game folds when you hold it. More pressure makes a bump in a curve likely. The double sleeve of your YuGiOh cards gives them a little extra protection. This means that you don`t end up with shabby cards when you play the game.

This will ruin the value of the game and because many people simply collect YuGiOh cards, it will also ruin the collectible aspect of the game. If you want the best protection, I recommend using dragon shield covers as the outer shell and any top-loading case with a perfect fit as the inner shell. Dragon Shield covers are super durable and offer a tight fit for your sleeve card. The less space, the better, because your card moves less. Pay attention to air bubbles on the double pipe, because it fits so tightly. However, you should keep in mind that there will be quite strict rules when it comes to double pipe. These are rules you may not find in other collectible card games. We`ll talk about that in a moment.

Why should you pack your cards twice? This is a great idea because once you put this card in both cases, you no longer have to worry about the air reaching your card. This means that your deck is now protected from dirt and debris and is now less prone to warping, a major problem with Yugioh cards. It is not known why the double sleeve was illegal in YuGiOh. It seems that double legs have always been allowed in Japanese tournaments. It has simply never been allowed in North American tournaments. This is a bit odd, as almost every other collectible card game actually allowed you to double the round of your cards for officially sanctioned tournaments. The second shell can be any shell, as long as it complies with the above rules. The pocket of your trading card slides into the top of this case.

When the cards are pinned, the trading card must be completely surrounded by a case, that is, if you turn the main card sleeve upside down, a sheathed card would fall, not the bare card. YuGiOh recently allowed you to play with double-sleeve cards in their official tournaments. Keep in mind that double round rules have just been introduced to the world of YuGiOh. This means that the rules may change occasionally. We recommend keeping an eye on the official website of YuGiOh to see if there are any major changes to the rules. They are always published there. When using enclosures on double-sided cards, the enclosures must be completely opaque. For sleeve sleeves, only 65 x 91 mm and more for Yugioh. Everything inferior is too small.

The most popular brand is kmc character guard mini. Since the YuGiOh team is a bit wary of doubling your YuGiOh cards, there are a few rules you need to follow: As someone using an 80+ Sidewinder for my YuGiOh deck, I couldn`t be happier. The minimum deck size with an additional and full side deck is 70 cards, so each deck box is suitable for 80 double shells. I currently have one with a double-arm Magic deck with slightly thicker Dragon Shield sealable inner handles, and the 80-card deck and sideboard fit perfectly with a plastic partition. Thanks to the new Yugioh guidelines, we are able to double the sleeve cards as long as 1 of the cases is clear. This is great news, as double pipes are great for protecting your collection. Counterfeit cards (fake cards created by third parties that may look like officially published cards) cannot be used in your deck in a sanctioned tournament. If someone has information about the sale and distribution of counterfeit cards, they should email all relevant information to (North America), (Latin America and the Caribbean) or (Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand). YuGiOh is much more difficult when it comes to how cards are packed for their events.

This means that you need to pay attention to the latest rules to make sure your cards stick to them. The fact that you can`t use standard sleeves is silly and takes away a lot of excitement about double-handle cards. People care about protecting artwork from sleeves like Ash Blossom sleeves. It is very likely that some of the problems were related to people using different covers to pack their cards. This meant that some cards could be identified by different markers or even by the thickness of the card. Nowadays, many rules for using double loops in YuGiOh are there to prevent cards from being easily identified when you use them. This is incredible news, as we can now protect and preserve our expensive cards as well as tackle the big problem of warp.