If the thought of handling a machine gun fills you with terror, don`t go to the Las Vegas gun store. For just $250, you can spend an hour at their indoor shooting range going wild with an Uzi or AK47 rifle. Choose the Machine Gun Pack and you`ll get a free T-shirt. What more could you ask for? Reno is tough on crime. They have a law that takes action against illegal possession of a shopping cart. The intent to distribute a shopping cart on which a criminal has real or real possession is also prohibited. If you`re reading this, you`re either a really smart cat or a human. Dogs, of course, can`t read. If you are a human being, you know that NRS ยง 200,364 states that 16 is the age of consent to sex in the state. Nevada, however, has what`s known as the “Romeo and Juliet exception.” In Nevada, if you`re 18, the law doesn`t make it illegal to have sex with a teen, as long as he or she isn`t four years younger than you. How many toothless smiles did it take them to decide that things were getting out of hand? And who bought them? Chapter 122 of the Revised Nevada Statutes has a lot to say about marriages in the state.

The legal age of marriage is 18 and there are rules about who is allowed to perform the ceremony. With our handy guide, you`ll be sure to stay on the right side of the law and mingle with the locals. Read on to find out the best weird things that could land you in jail โ€“ you can thank us if you get home safely! Most U.S. states don`t have laws against public intoxication, but Nevada goes even further by making it illegal for any county or municipality to make public intoxication a criminal offense. The state also has explicit laws that allow bars, restaurants, and shops to sell alcohol 24/7. However, Las Vegas prohibits carrying alcohol in glass containers on the Strip. Casinos and restaurants enforce this rule by pouring glass alcoholic beverages into plastic containers and cups. Just like in other states, driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Nevada. Nevada`s law is characterized by the fact that there are quantified legal limits for drug-impaired driving.

Nevada Revised Statutes 484C.110 states the legal limit for each substance. Las Vegas isn`t the only city in Nevada with strange laws. Here are a few more: It`s illegal to swear on a public street in Las Vegas. Municipal Ordinance 10.40.030 states that you must not say anything vile, obscene or profane on any public road, alley or highway in the city. If you have your own legal requirements, we`d love to hear from you. Get a free consultation today! We are talking about bath salts, which are synthetic cathinones, once a “legal high” and a cheaper and stronger alternative to cocaine. Escorting is legal in the state, with most escorts advertising their entertainment or companionship services, although some accept money for sexual services. Randy`s visitors should be careful when dealing with escorts where sex can be fined. It`s not just on The Hangover that you could share a Las Vegas sequel with a tiger. If you fall into the wrong amount, it could be a legal reality. Las Vegas` lax approach to cannabis is probably one of the best reasons to visit.

Smoking crazy baccy has been legal since 2000 โ€“ as long as it`s smoked for medicinal purposes. Nevada residents are even allowed to grow cannabis in their homes, and last year the state began allowing businesses to sell the drug. It looks like the cannabis trade in Vegas will soon be in full bloom. Tax Avoidance Last week, we looked at 5 weird and wonderful things that are forbidden in Las Vegas. This week, we summarize the 5 things you don`t think are legal yet. From smoking cannabis to shooting an AK47, it`s amazing how visitors can actually get by in the entertainment capital of the world. So before you pack your bags for the City of Light, be sure to go through this list first! Smoking is legal on the casino floor and in nightclubs and independent bars that do not serve food. For this reason, most Vegas casinos are full of smoke because players have the freedom to light a cigar or cigarette on the floor. Smoking is prohibited in restaurants, some of which are within meters of popular casinos. However, some restaurants allow late smoking when only alcohol is served. Vegas stands proudly by its reputation as “Sin City” and even revels in its clumsiness.

Despite all the things you can do (like playing and drinking on the street), there are some strange things you can`t have in Vegas. Here are some highlights: Also, don`t try to pawn anything while you`re drunk. Yes, you guessed it โ€“ even illegally. Contrary to what you may have seen in movies and on TV, it is not technically illegal for someone to count cards. It is also legal for casinos to choose who they want to serve, just like any other business. If you are not an expert in card counting, most casino managers will allow you to play. But if they see that you are making too much money, they may ask you to leave or switch to another game. They can`t take away what you`ve already won, but they don`t have to keep you either.

Since November 2017, it has been illegal to feed pigeons (all Mary Poppins fans must replay this scene of a song elsewhere) with the threat of a $1,000 fine or six months in jail.