I am a passionate teacher and life skills trainer. I can train students and develop their different skills, potentials and abilities. Having participated in various types of oral professional training, training, goal and growth programs, and all, I can train and coach students to awaken their inner potential and giant. In the name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Merciful. I am a passionate teacher. I build good relationships with all my students. I am committed to helping my students achieve their goals. I teach at the level and pace that best suits my students. I am efficient and good at what I do with Allah`s blessings. I use a blended. Assalamualaikum! My name is Fatima from Pakistan and I have a master`s degree in Islamic studies.

I have knowledge of hadiths, fiqh, sunnah and Quranic studies. I have a great interest in Islamic studies and enjoy teaching Islamic subjects. I have 2 years of experience teaching Islamic studies and Quran.My teaching methodology is about that, A teacher. Teaching is my passion. I have been associated with this field since 2017. Teaching legal subjects and Sharia law is an interesting combination for me. I have taught a number of O, A-level and CSS level students. Research, deep learning and communication skills make a teacher an ideal for academics and pursue it as a career. Next to. AssalamualaikumDear students and tutors! Qualified teachers of the Islamic University of Medina Saudi Arabia Arabia.As Muslims, we are all ready to learn and understand the Holy Quran.

For the hadith also says that the best people are those who teach and learn the Holy Quran. So I offer my services as a teacher and guide. I will help you. To be confused, I am adept at teaching lineage, tutoring, lectures and counseling with constructive methodology and the ability to impart knowledge to beginner students from cradle to advanced stage of learning in others to produce a good qualification from them. Also as a qualified and experienced LEGAL practitioner. Law is not a subject that can be easily understood by reading or studying, it needs consistency and can only be understood if you do research on a deep topic because law cannot be as simple as in movies and all of us. here the. I am a lawyer who studied local and international law. My local degree is from the University of Punjab, while my international degree is from the University of London.

I also have extensive experience in the field of legal practice. If you want to hire me, remember that I will not help you with an unethical cause that you may be. I did a master`s degree and an LLB. Write now to prepare for justice. I will make you learn every detail of the subject, I have a thorough knowledge of the subjects thank you to the students. I will let you take appropriate notes for each topic. So believe me, choose me to continue learning and growing. Elementary students can also apply. I`ll be with it. I am Mujahid Abdurauf, 34, a graduate in Islamic law from Damascus, Syria. I am fluent in Arabic, English and Filipino.

I have been teaching for over 10 years. I am very patient and focus on teaching. I have produced so many educated students now that I am the principal of an Islamic school in our hometown. Teaching is my passion, that is. With 8 years of experience in physical and online education, IGCSE and GCSE Specialist is an enthusiastic and energetic professional committed to providing students with the skills and potential to master the skills needed to become responsible and well-educated members of the community. An unwavering commitment to instilling confidence and self-esteem. Basically, I am a student of knowledge and I want to share what I have gained in my life. I adopted him for life by obeying our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) (انما بعثت معلما). The Quran and Islamic studies are actually my passion, I feel comfortable teaching the Quran and spreading my little knowledge with my students and colleagues. I. Aoa studying my name is Farah baig I have made llb tributes from London, I would help you concepts and all the work you need to learn. I have personal hobbies such as teaching, traveling, photography.

I also run my own office in Lahore and work alone. I love litigation and teaching is my way of helping others and earning more and more. I make sure in my class that every student can understand my teaching methods. I tried to teach students in the simplest way. I focus on each student. I am always trying new methods in my teaching skills according to the students` requirements, so that they can easily understand each individual concept. In my opinion, good communication is. Assalamu Alaikum, My name is Tamer Selim. I graduated from Al-Azhar University with a bachelor`s degree in Islamic studies. I also have a master`s degree and a doctorate in Arabic language and literature. I have been working as an imam and director of Islamic centers and weekend schools in the United States for twelve years.

I was wondering if you had an imam`s job, one. I am an educator with almost five years of experience teaching the English language, phonetics and memorizing the Quran. I love teaching children. I am a specialist in training beginners. I can effectively teach quantitative and verbal reasoning. I offer tailor-made online and offline training for students. My sessions are interactive and. I am an experienced and experienced tutor who sees teaching as the best way to help others as it eliminates ignorance in society and is also considered the fastest way to progress, I am excellent in this area because I treat my students according to their abilities, it is my pride to inform that I have prepared students different types of exams.