The plate must remain in good condition. The registration number must be legible. Otherwise, the owner must have them recreated. If he fails to do so, he can be sanctioned. The license plate must be manufactured by a specialist (for example, a workshop or a license plate manufacturer). The plate must be placed visibly. It must not be removable. • have licence plates with a black background on a vehicle under 30 years of age, without a collection slip; The EUR 12.9 installation kit includes 4 premium rivets, a rivet clamp and assembly instructions. If you do not take the mounting kit with you, you will receive 2 free rivets per plate. According to French law, plates must be irremovable. This is almost the only option. It is therefore preferable to rivete them to make them clearly visible and legible.

The plaque begins with the European symbol, supplemented by the letter F on a blue background. A territorial identifier: titleContent is positioned symmetrically with respect to these elements. Note that vehicles with black or transit plates are excluded from the right lane. Deliberately covering part of the recording with a dead leaf is a “trick” that is fashionable to bypass controls (radar, cameras). A bad idea that can cost at least €1,500 in fines! Just like using reflective films or spraying a spray on the plates. In many countries of the European Union and around the world, it is quite natural to screw your license plates or even tighten them into the plastic frame provided for this purpose. In France, however, this practice is prohibited: the law is formal on this subject. If you bolt your license plates, you will be exposed to a PV of 90 EUR and the confiscation of the vehicle registration document. Hello, In Belgium, the law does not require the riveting of plates. They are indeed screwed. We found this article that suggests you received the wrong ticket: We therefore advise you to appeal. Sincerely, The team Eplaque The territorial identifier is not necessarily linked to the residence of the owner of the vehicle.

For example, he can live very well in Lyon (69) and choose the department 83 with the logo of the PACA region for his badges. Similarly, regional logos may only be reproduced “by the record manufacturer alone”. Stickers for changing regions are therefore not legal, even if there is a tolerance. Rplates are nationally legal and currently available for purchase and DMV registration in California, Michigan, and Arizona. Hello as-t, we have the right to issue license plates on trailers under 500 kg It bears the number that is written on the registration document (now called registration certificate) or on the provisional registration certificate (CPI). Riveting is not: “removable path” a cordless drill/combine player, in 2 minutes more plate. Clipped into a frame like in Germany or riveted same disassembly time, apart from welding, provided that it becomes so stationary around the plate has little meaning or it means still. In addition, in case of theft, there is the installation of false self-adhesive plates cordially The European symbol, consisting of 12 yellow stars and the white letter F, must appear on the left side of the license plate and on a blue background. Hello If I understand correctly, for a bike carrier with a plate holder, no need for rivets? Let`s start with the background color of the plate. The choice is unfortunately limited, here you have the possibilities available: A 2-wheel, 3-wheel or four-wheel motor vehicle must have a single license plate, which is obviously arranged at the rear. It must not be removable.

If the plate is placed in accordance with the law, yes. Watch the video below for all the helpful explanations. The disk must conform to a trusted template: titleContent. The approval number must be indicated. • Have diamond powder or anti-flash paint on your license plate. The radars take a photo with flash and a without. You are therefore systematically exposed; Good evening we can put 3 rivets on a license plate You do not have the right to change your plate or add an element, especially instead of the territorial identifier. Hi yes. We have just amended the article to add this exception as well as the W garage tile exception.

As these plates can change frequently, the legislator authorizes screwing. Sincerely, The Eplaque team When I arrive on this page, I have no doubt that you are waiting for other answers, that you hope to be able to further customize your license plate. But unfortunately, this is not possible! The shield bears the European symbol, supplemented by the letter F. The registration number of vehicles placed on the market since 15.04.2009 is reproduced in black characters on a white retro-reflective background. • Personalize the bib, the space under the back plate, with the text of your choice. But beware, the bib must be “out of the useful part”, separated from the plate by “a leash or a boss”; The registration number can be arranged on 1 or 2 lines. Hello, what does the mounting kit include when buying a plate? If I order a 2×2 plate, how come I get how many mounting kits? Sincerely, Mr. BAZIN Lucas It is sad but very real: adaptation is very limited. On the one hand, because the registration number is assigned on a regulatory basis in an order calculated automatically by a central computer system. It cannot be changed under any circumstances, even in the event of a change of address.

On the other hand, because the background colors are set by law and cannot be changed. By going through the decree, we will show you what you can freely customize, what is not allowed but tolerated and what is totally prohibited. If your plate is damaged or you want to change it intentionally, you should contact a professional to repeat it. Although the legislation does not require a license plate to be fixed with rivets, it does stipulate that the fastener must be of the non-removable type, which de facto means that it must be riveted. Theoretically, other systems could do the trick, but to sleep on your 2 ears, it is highly recommended to use the classic method, namely rivets (see our guide to placing your plates yourself). In the absence of rivets, the police could fine you, and it is up to you to prove that your bis system complies with the law. Whether you use a license plate holder or not. The shield must comply with the rules relating to the size and arrangement of the elements that compose it.

These rules concern in particular the height, the spacing of letters and numbers and the shape of hyphens. Hello Do you have to indicate the name of a department on the license plate? License plates have not revealed all their secrets! Did you know that information can be obtained with a licence plate? The rivet plate requirement does not apply to trailers weighing less than 500 kg.