Children, illegal is something if it violates a law. Or has no official approval because of me. Using Spotify Family with friends is a violation of the Terms of Service. You don`t go to jail for it, as it would be if it were illegal, in the worst case, you get the Permium account blocked by Spotify. Netflix seems to be more relaxed. What for? Spotify has contracts with many record labels. If these labels get wind that users are illegally listening to their music at low prices, I can imagine that they will put pressure on Spotify. Netflix produces most of its content itself, it`s a different situation. Christian Triebe, is it really illegal if I share the Spotify Family account with friends and not with family or roommates? Anyone who opens the family account automatically agrees to Spotify`s Terms of Service. Even if he tries to register his friends with addresses other than his own, this is prevented by the note that all users of the account must have the same address.

Many apparently get around this and then lie. A Premium Family Membership allows the Master Account holder and up to five (5) Family Members to access additional accounts in the Spotify Premium Family Service, starting with the activation of the Master Account by providing payment details and paying the set price. By providing your Payment Information, you (i) authorize us to use your Payment Information in accordance with our [Privacy Policy] ( and (ii) acknowledge and agree to these Premium Family Terms and Conditions. As part of the Spotify Premium family service, the Spotify Kids app may be made available to the user. By creating additional Spotify Kids accounts, you confirm that you are the legal guardian of a child using that account. Read the [Spotify Kids Privacy Policy] ( which applies to the use of Spotify Kids. Spotify Kids is only available as part of the Premium Family membership. B. Other discounts do not apply.

For example, a Premium Family membership in Germany currently costs around €180 per year, but in Brazil it only costs around €60 – so you save around €120 per year. The Spotify Premium Family Membership (“Premium Family Membership”) is provided by Spotify and is subject to these Terms and Conditions (“Premium Family Terms and Conditions”) and the Spotify Terms of Service, which are incorporated herein by reference. Термины, написанные с заглавной буквы, но не имеющие определений в настоящем документе, имеют то же значение, что и в Условиях и положениях использования Spotify. What kind of decisions were these? Maybe someone still knows about the Napster file sharing provider. It was a kind of music sharing platform where users exchanged copyrighted songs. The music industry chased Napster and won. Napster in its original form has been closed. 2. Право на участие и подтверждение Basically, you can log into your account on multiple devices.

However, Spotify Premium (for $9.99 per month) can only be played on one device at a time. To use Spotify this way for two, you need to take turns with the other person. In addition, Spotify reserves the right to verify the residential address “from time to time”. Users must enter their address using Google Maps` automatic address search. Since then, new terms and conditions have been in force in Germany: “All members of a Premium Family subscription must live together,” Spotify now explains. In order to control this, all users of a family account are now asked to provide their home address when activating it. The premium subscription costs 9.99 euros per month in Germany. But there are 3 ways to listen to Spotify cheaper: share your family subscription, collect coupons and discount codes, or use a VPN. This means that if I am the primary user and my address is correct, I can still be blocked – even if it was my acquaintance who lied with his address? Yes. The person who purchased the family subscription is primarily responsible for compliance with the terms of the contract. Theoretically, Spotify can even block the user from new registrations.

As the primary admin of a family account, I would read the terms of service particularly well. And if a friend asks me if they can use the account, I`d better say no. But most Spotify users don`t care. They still share family access. What can happen to them? Spotify may suspend the account with the wrong address – or even all the accounts in the family subscription. Find the best jobs now and get notified by email. Many use premium access, but pay much less than expected. You have created a family account with up to six accesses, but do not use it with your family, but with friends and share the costs. Although the account holder pays $14.99 per month for this, they can then invite up to five family members to use that account to manage their own premium account. With six users, the price of the single Spotify subscription drops to the equivalent of 2.50 euros per person per month. With Spotify Premium, you and your family or Friends best music without commercial breaks: can address deception be exposed? Yes, compared to other streaming providers, Spotify is quite engaged in tracking down possible fake families. As amended in September 2019, Spotify Premium Family Terms of Service may require you to re-enter your home address from time to time, using Google Maps` automatic address search.

This would theoretically open up the possibility of determining the user`s location via GPS. E. Примечание. If you are a Premium account holder by joining the Premium Family Subscription program, you acknowledge and agree that there is no refund for changing the current Premium program before the end of the paid subscription period.