Curriculum, Coverage, and Subject Approach – We don`t feed you, but we give you the experience of what you`ll experience when working at leading law firms or large in-house legal departments. You will be prepared for the best and the worst. You will learn to deal with all legal issues, even those we have not taught you, because that is how our course is designed. Live exercises – Pilots are placed on simulators to practice flying before flying a real plane. That`s how our courses work. Even before you deal with real cases and issues, we train you through simulation exercises for such work. This experience is invaluable for ambitious lawyers. Think of our classes like an online gym or martial arts dojo to gain legal skills that will set you up amazingly. Please don`t expect us to teach you like university courses. These are not effective.

Our goal is to give you a realistic experience of legal work. Therefore, every week you will receive different exercises and tasks and all the relevant materials to solve them. Don`t worry if you haven`t read other related concepts. We restore the experience of working in a law firm or in-house legal department and have found that this is the type of training that works best. Live classes relate to the week`s tasks. You can read the modules in Module 1, but we recommend that you take the courses depending on where the assignments take you. By the end of the year, you would have covered the entire program and maintained everything. Until now, lawyers who wanted stable government employment focused specifically on UGC-NET, UPSC or judicial services. The SEBI Grade A legal exam is a relatively new exam that has helped attract the attention of many people. Therefore, this check may not contain all relevant market information that can be considered authentic and reliable for you to clarify. Your legal work would only give you 40 minutes to solve a total of 100 questions! Our training methodology is unique. While an external authority does not support it, the success of our students speaks for itself.

Our methodology is described in detail in the previous questions. The legal industry loves to hire our students who have gone through all the education we offer. Large companies have hired us to train their legal teams and leaders with state-of-the-art legal courses. This is proof of our success. As part of this crash course, we offer not only doubt removal sessions, but also free free material for Task 1 – all in one place! And I`ll tell you, what, if you take our Phase 1 course now and complete it, we`ll prepare you for Phase 2 without charging more. We will also introduce you to a free legal development course so that you can prepare for Paper 1 of Phase 2. After all, time is now on hand and it is difficult to learn how to draw so quickly! How the courses are created and their philosophy – Our goal is to create outstanding lawyers and support the legal industry. You won`t find any other course that is as hands-on, that gives each student as much personal attention or that offers so many opportunities. Test 2 is legal, in both phases! You have about 40 minutes to answer 100 questions on paper-2.

Do you remember the last-minute study for university exams where you would highlight the important parts and take quick notes for the last-minute review? What if we memorized this ourselves during the first step of your preparation? LawSikho`s test preparation scores were created to match your photographic memory and take a three-pronged approach: the first two phases are MCQ-based exams, which usually test your speed and accuracy simultaneously. Both phases have the legal part in test 2. This was the first class I attended and it was nice that classes were held after hours. As a general rule, classes take place on Sunday afternoons or from 8pm to 9pm on other days. Online test requirements may vary depending on the course. We encourage you to read the test details on the course page to learn more. The courses are imaginative in content and concise in nature. Good for the sight of the exam.

Today I will tell you about a career at the Securities and Exchange Commission of India, SEBI. Lesson 1: How venture capital funds and private equity deals work Lesson 2: Regulation of Angel and Angel Funds Lesson 3: Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Lesson 4: How do investment funds and collective investment schemes work? Lesson 5: What are hedge funds and what do they do? All steps of the SEBI Class A exam are now conducted online and selection is done through a three-step process. One of the most important tips that can help you with any competition law review is to know your naked actions inside and out.