Was he parked or driven down the street in front of the owner`s house? If you are parked, treat it as an obstacle/dressed caravan, etc. The general question would be how safe other road users would be if they came into contact with the vehicle, with the increased risk of injury due to the high level of the bodywork and without efforts to limit entanglement with the components subsequently exposed. Harratts Wakefield is pleased to be able to offer this sole owner of the new Fiat Fullback VAT-free. Based on the L200, this truck is a 2.4-liter diesel that comes with one. SlingShot Monster Truck belonged to Karl Swallow and his family. Karl started the SlingShot adventures in 2003 when he decided to switch from legal monster trucks to the real company. I never knew it was illegal! Here there is a car with wheels sticking out on the sides of the wheel arches! There is a STYLE “airplane cockpit” control panel inside the rooftop truck, which houses the majority of switches for all truck functions. I agree that the best course of action would probably be for the guard to change it, but that person is clearly not someone who cares about the law or other people, as he has shown in his behaviour. Do you think everyone on the street would prefer to be told to get their car back on the road so that it poses less risk to law-abiding subjects, or do you think other residents want him to do it when they feel like it after a nice conversation with a “police officer”? SlingShot was the first European truck to skip a bus and Karl was the first European driver to drive in the United States. In 2011, Slingshot performed at the third Bahrain Motor Show in front of more than 30,000 fans. Fresh import. UK floor, ready for tourism. A real monster truck with Head Turner four-wheel drive.

Professional erect, Smitty bilt hostile conversion. I guess you`re going with that next point. But you, like most others, know that you need a full driver`s license, insurance, taxes and a roadworthiness test to drive your car on a public road, right? This is because you know that there are laws that affect the use of motor vehicles on public roads, and you have recognized them by obtaining all the above things. This driver of this vehicle should also recognize the laws that apply to his vehicle, because to my knowledge, currently no manufacturer like Ford, Vauxhall, BMW, etc. does not offer cars with the “Monster Truck Extras Package”. This means that the owner has consciously made a conscious effort to return the vehicle to its current condition and therefore the owner should be aware of the law on such changes. However, I see where you are coming from with your comments that you are not trying to arrest or punish the owners and rather trying to talk to them. However, the truth is that if all the things mentioned by brand_b and Tilly are correct in this case, the vehicle is illegal and constitutes a liability (from the point of view of insurance).

If only one of these things is relevant, then perhaps strict advice will suffice, but the fact that, according to the meaning of the law, the owner is breaking the law in many ways means that the owner has neglected his responsibility to know the law on the modification of his motor vehicle. I agree with AnthonyB. There are some things that can be fixed with just “a few words”, but they are small things, such as preventing someone from riding a bike on a sidewalk and giving them advice, such as.