Here`s an overview: I do NOT recommend US Law Shield for the reasons below and they ranked last in our comparison of the best concealed carry insurance. For me and my family, CCW Safe was the right choice. Thank you for your honest review. We are looking for CCW insurance. First, I mentioned all the programs. Second, the biggest difference between companies is that cost-value information and services are available. Yes, you pay extra with US Law Shield to add coverage, but you can choose the options based on your needs and wants. The others include coverage at a higher cost, but I may never need those coverages; i.e. child coverage or multiple government coverage. Why pay extra for things? You may want to clarify your facts, advise and stop selling.

US Law Shield is by far the best product for the money spent. Are you currently in the undercover legal insurance market? US Law Shield might be the right choice for you. In this article, I plan to review the benefits of being a member of the U.S. Law Shield as well as what they cover under their plans. Hi Mitch! Unfortunately, there are currently no promo codes. I don`t think they like the fact that I`m promoting all the companies reviewed and not just one, so they didn`t give me codes. This is where the shield of U.S. law comes in. Starting at $10.95 per month, US Law Shield gives you unlimited civil and criminal defense trials, from the moment you find yourself in self-defense. If you`re looking for a U.S. Legal Shield exam, you probably already know what concealed carry insurance is and you`ll want to see if U.S. Legal Shield is the right CCW insurance for you.

I checked all these companies. In fact, a few years ago, when I first got my Ohio hidden handgun license, the CHL, I bought us CCA for all their clever advertising, but I quickly discovered they were risky. They would not give information about their so-called victory in court, claiming that it was an invasion of the client`s privacy! I said the court documents were in the public domain and they refused to give me more details. They also screwed up sending their so-called free gifts, and I had to jump through hoops just to get a shitty little cleaning kit. I looked at the others and they were basically the same, I called them and asked for their local lawyers, and when I contacted one or two of the lawyers, they didn`t even know they were on the list! There`s no way I`m going to let this guy replace me in a red light, let alone a shootout. I agree that CCW SAFE is undoubtedly the best after looking at the people who run the company, their background, and the fact that everything is unlimited and initial, no matter how deep the prosecutors are. They represented Zimmerman and released him because he was innocent from the start. At that fell for me.

I have US Law Shield and added the $3 bail/witness cover and I live in Indiana. So that part of your comparison is wrong. Failure to cover up the use of force against a family member is an absolute breaking factor for the one you recommend. I would much rather not be able to choose my lawyer than limit myself to whom I have to defend myself. If (as in your case) one person bought 2 of the plans from the different companies, how would you handle a situation where you would have to use them? Would the defendant lawyers coordinate plan benefits OR should the plan debtor do so? EX: USCCA Right Defense Limit $250K But US Lawshield no limit? Is it possible to use the USCCA up to $250,000 for legal defense and then switch to U.S. Lawshield to take over if the cost exceeds $250,000? I`d like to know more about why US Law Shield is a scam. I pay for the American shield but I didn`t have to use it. One of the things that stood out when reading the US Law Shield journals was the quality of the seminars and courses. There was a first aid course that can be used when someone is shot. In this U.S.

Legal Shield review, I`m going to dive deep into their politics and let you know what to expect and whether or not I think the U.S. Legal Shield is worth it. While I`m a gun attorney, I`m not YOUR attorney – it`s not legal advice and only you can decide if self-defense insurance is right for your situation (and which provider you choose).