Lawyers engaged in these activities are regulated by the licensed supervisory authorities in the field of legal services operating under the supervision of the LSB. The question of whether the list of reserved activities in the Legal Services Act 2007 should be amended is not new. In 2013, then-Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling rejected a recommendation from the LSB to make wills a reserved activity. In collaboration with a single regulator for legal services, it was recommended that reserved legal activities be replaced and that all legal services be categorized according to risk and that different levels of protection be applied as needed. It should also be noted that it is a criminal offence for a person to engage in a reserved lawful activity under section 14 of the ICA, unless the person is entitled to do so. Section 181 of the ICA also provides for a specific offence under which a person who is not a barrister may not intentionally pretend to be a barrister or adopt or use a name, title or description to falsely imply that he or she is a barrister or her. Both are criminal offences and you should consider whether your concerns should be reported to the police. Can a General Counsel advise on a settlement agreement and, if so, can his or her fees be paid tax-free? The provisions relating to subcontracting (as set out in section 203 § 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA 1996)) by imposing a basic rule that any agreement between an employee and his employer to prevent the employee from bringing or bringing an action before an employment tribunal is void in this respect. However, all these provisions on subcontracting provide for exceptions to this fundamental rule (see, for example, ERA 1996, § 203(2)). If one of the exceptions applies, the claim (or a potential claim) may be validly settled between the parties. The two exceptions are: • Agreements reached following conciliation under the auspices of an Accas conciliator • Agreements that meet the conditions of the settlement agreements One of the conditions of settlement agreements is that the employee or employee must have been informed by a “competent independent consultant” of the terms and effects of the proposed agreement; in particular with regard to their impact on their ability to assert their rights in court.

The settlement agreement must designate the appropriate legal counsel. For more information, see the Practice Note: Settlement Agreements in the Employment Relationship – Legal Requirements. It is common for the employer to make at least one contribution to the employee`s legal fees, as the employer wants the agreement There seems to be an anomaly with respect to notarial activities. The law allows such activities to be carried out by unauthorized persons without remuneration, profit or reward. However, if a document must be signed by a notary, it will not be accepted if it has been signed by someone else. CILEx members may only engage in notarial activities if they are qualified as notaries. Further information on notary qualification can be found here. “Reserved legal activity” means :(1) the exercise of a right of hearing1;(2) litigation2;(3) activities involving reserved documents3;(4) succession activities4;(5) notarial activities5;(6) the taking of oath6. The Lord Registrar may, by regulation, amend the provisions of the Legal Services Act 20077 to add to the activities reserved for legal activities any legal activity8. Home » Inquiries » Where can I get help? » Reserved legal activities Is the preparation and preparation of a legal application a reserved legal activity? Reserved legal activities Some legal activities may only be carried out by a person authorised by one of the supervisory authorities for legal services.

These are called “reserved activities.” The reserved activities are set out in section 12 of the Legal Services Act 2007 (LSA 2007) and the scope of each activity is defined in the LSA 2007, Sch 2. The reserved activities are: • the exercise of a right of hearing • the conduct of litigation • activities involving reserved acts, for example transfer • succession activities • notarial activities • administration of oaths The website of the Commission des services juridiques contains a useful summary of each reserved activity and its scope. The reserved activity of litigation is limited to the initiation of proceedings before a court in England and Wales, the initiation, continuation and defence of those proceedings and the performance of ancillary tasks in those proceedings (e.g. the initiation of legal proceedings).