A detailed overview of theories and legal remedies. Although California has ended most protections for tenants due to COVID-19, tenants still enjoy significant legal protections as of October 1, 2021! This factsheet covers important tenant protection measures that you may benefit from. We recommend that you consult the free legal advice before taking a consultation so that you can understand the context of the issues you are facing and better focus on what you need to know. General information and resources for renters, homeless people, first-time buyers and homeowners in Newark, CA. Here are some resources that can provide legal assistance with foreclosure, tenancy, home ownership, and other laws in California. Legal advice from attorney Ken Carlson, who is celebrating his 42nd birthday since 1980 in landlord-tenant law to protect the rights of California tenants and has helped tens of thousands of clients. Information on eviction protection, rent relief and other resources for tenants and landlords in El Cerrito, CA. The rent adjustment program addresses the concerns of landlords and tenants. Tenants can challenge a rent increase if they believe it is more than the allowable amount. Rent increases above the permitted amount must meet the criteria of the settlement. Tenants can also apply for a reduction in rent paid due to a loss of benefits. Disputes are resolved through mediation or a hearing.

Hearing officers make decisions based on verifying information provided by tenants and landlords. Resources for tenants to protect themselves from eviction and harassment in Union City, CA. A summary of the safeguards and resources available to tenants affected by COVID-19, including eviction assistance and rent assistance. ADR is generally less formal, less expensive and takes less time than a study. General information for tenants whose living space is at risk. Resources for tenants and landlords on rent assistance, affordable housing, tenant rights, discrimination, mortgage assistance, home ownership, and more. Resources and information for Hayward tenants on COVID-19 rent relief, evictions, discrimination and more. This FAQ answers questions from landlords and tenants about evictions, deposits, litigation and more. Answers to frequently asked questions on topics such as evictions, tenant rights, discrimination, foreclosure and more. King County Rent Assistance and Information Application for Tenants and Landlords Resources and information for tenants and landlords on fair housing, discrimination and other topics A guide to protection from evictions and rent relief programs for tenants affected by COVID-19.

Introduction to what a tenants` association is and how to form one to fight for the collective interests and rights of tenants. Second Floor of 440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA 94804 Annual General Adjustments (and Other Rent Increase Notices), Capital Improvements, Codes and Habitability, Eviction, Leases, Intermediate Services, Registration of Occupancy, Roommates and Neighbours, Section 8, Deposit, Separate Agreements, Subtenancy, Tenant Rights and Obligations, Vacancy Control Eviction Protection and Tenant Services Information / landlords in Antioch, CA Rumors about tenants` rights There are plenty to make you unsure of what to do. Some laws are not clear or apply in one city but not in another. Many lawyers don`t know what to do, so they tell you to give up. That is not an answer. Whatever the reason, you have the right to represent yourself, to be your own attorney in all cases in California. This pamphlet is intended to help tenants affected by the recent wildfires know if they still have to pay rent in the event of a disaster, protect themselves from price reductions and much more. Information and resources for tenants and landlords in Emeryville affected by COVID-19 California Tenant Law also offers a directory of lawyers to help you find lawyers in your area.

Know your rights, rent assistance, eviction information, and other resources. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions to see if this applies to you. This section provides general guidelines on how best to prepare for the court. The law limits excessive rents, grounds for eviction, and rent increases. Scammers don`t really own the homes they`re trying to rent to you. Identify them and create a report if you have been scammed. Detailed information about the owner/tenant, in particular the principle of “peaceful enjoyment”. Sonoma County Legal Services Foundation (707) 546-29244525 Montgomery Dr. #10Santa Rosa, CA 95409Tenant owners, bankruptcy, collection and criminal If you cannot afford filing or other court fees, you may be eligible to have those fees and costs waived by the court. Information on statewide tenant rights, COVID-19, eviction, harassment, habitability and repair, and more If you live in Berkeley, California, please check out these resources. L.A. Tenants Union/Sindicato de Inquilinos de L.A.

a. Find out how you want things to be so that you b. Identify where the real problems are, then c. Take effective steps to correct them. Information for Del Norte County tenants affected by COVID-19 Civil harassment is abuse, threats of abuse, harassment, sexual assault, or serious harassment by someone you haven`t dated and have a close relationship with, such as a neighbor, roommate, or friend (you`ve never been out before). It is also civil harassment if the abuse comes from a family member (such as an uncle or aunt, niece, nephew or cousin). Resources for tenants and landlords in Dublin, CA on rent relief, tenant rights, mortgage assistance and other services. Information on resources, rent assistance and eviction protection for tenants in San Pablo, CA. Issues such as disagreements with roommates, noise complaints, privacy rights, rental due dates, late fees, and moving/eviction issues. Legal information, rental assistance and other resources for tenants in Alameda County Read where to file your lawsuit or case.

Jurisdiction and Jurisdiction Information. The purpose of this website is to purify the air, remove those clouds of anger and doubt and help you achieve what you want. A “utility allowance” is an amount that government-subsidized tenants receive to pay adequate utility bills. This resource provides information on accommodation, utilities, food bank, and rental assistance in Tehama County. The law is not a place to guess. You need to know. Nor is it a place to “wait and see”. Taking the right steps as soon as possible is key to achieving your goals.

If you`re waiting, the “light at the end of the tunnel” could be the headlights of an oncoming train. Don`t take that risk. General resources for tenants in Emeryville, including resources for finding affordable housing, eviction assistance, and tenant rights. This resource discusses legislation that allows a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, elder or dependent adult abuse, or human trafficking to break their lease without penalty. Topics such as: repair problems; Deposits; interest on deposits and meal rental costs; problems of eviction; petitions from landlords and petitions from intermediate tenants; authorized annual rent increases and bank-related rent increases; hearings, mediations and appeals; public service crossings; Water revenue bonds. Such as deposits, rent increases, roommates, and evictions. Only basic information from this student organization.