In early 2001, the original shareholders sold the club to Mr. Lin and Ms. Tung for about $40 million. About 24,000 people applied to join, and when the club opened in March 2000, about 19,000 members were admitted. In total, the club`s original owners raised more than $530 million from 19,000 new members in membership fees and membership fees. Pek braked, but his car had already rolled over the victim`s legs before stopping. A club receptionist called the police and the victim was taken to hospital. Mr. Ang and Mr. Tan – both founders of the club – acted fraudulently by hiding the transaction from him, says the businessman. Foo, the general manager of the St. James Power Station nightclub complex, says he only learned in 2007 that they had sold the shares to Chinese investor Lin Jian Wei and Singaporean businesswoman Tung Yu Lien. But the two defendants, represented by lawyers from Harry Elias Partnership, argue in court documents that there were several announcements regarding the sale.

They add that the disclosure rules are not applicable in the present case. The RTC saga began in November 1996 when Messrs. Ang, Tan and Foo formed the club and invited some members of the public to join them for $28,000 each. It has described itself as the “most prestigious private city club” in Singapore. Question 3 CASE STUDY Read the following case study and answer both questions Mr. Lim`s lawsuit, heard today by Supreme Court Justice Chan Seng Onn, relates to statements made in late 2005 in a plan of arrangement by RTC. The statements alleged that the club`s former shareholders and directors had spent a significant portion of the club`s funds prior to the entry of the new shareholders in 2001. SINGAPORE (AP) — The 12-year-old legal saga at Raffles Town Club has taken a new turn: prominent businessman Dennis Foo has filed a new lawsuit against two former colleagues. The club is seeking compensation from the original shareholders. Shortly thereafter, a group of 4,895 members calling themselves the Raffles 5000 Group filed a class action lawsuit against the club seeking reimbursement of their $28,000 fees for misrepresentation and/or damages for breach of contract. Today`s trial follows RTC`s own trial, which is due to be heard by the High Court on September 15, alleging that the former shareholders recruited far more members than they should have for an exclusive club, “regardless of RTC`s obligations to those members.” The court awarded the plaintiffs $3,000 in damages each. But the club decided to compensate the 19,000 members and received court approval to make payment in cash and vouchers worth about $3,000 for each member.

In its 2007 lawsuit 46, RTC sought $78 million from Mr. Lim and former club directors Lawrence Ang, William Tan and Dennis Foo from Europa Holdings (EH). The protagonists involved in the saga of Raffles Town Club (RTC) today begin a new series of legal battles in which former stockbroker Peter Lim is suing the club`s two current shareholders, Lin Jian Wei and Margaret Tung, for “defamation by allusion”. But they deny the allegations and accuse him of taking legal action in “bad faith.” The association argues that the defendants paid themselves this sum under a management contract, which it considers to be unjustified. A increases B decreases decreases C decreases D decreases Response C. paid the applicable reimbursement rate minus refunds of The protracted dispute began in 2001, when all three were involved in a series of high-profile lawsuits involving various stock market transactions. After seeking mediation, they reached a settlement – Mr Foo sold the other two gentlemen`s shares to Raffles Town Club, Europa Holdings and ABR Holdings. and the insurer is subsequently prevented from asserting the violation of these 6.

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