Prohibition of cashless establishmentsRule Effective Date: October 8, 2020Notice on the adoption of new implementing rules for Local Law 34 of 2020 (LL 34), which prohibits grocery stores and retail establishments from refusing cash payments. Read the rule. March 18, 2013: Proposed amendment to the Appeal Division`s rules for the calculation of contingency fees for bodily injury and wrongful homicide. Description of the proposed change Send an email to: by May 22, 2013 Public Comments Authorization for food service establishments to charge COVID-19 recovery fees. Effective date of the law: October 17, 2020Restaurants have been struggling since the COVID-19 outbreak and associated restrictions on personal meals, forcing many to close their doors while many others are barely surviving. However, current regulations prohibit restaurants from charging fees other than the advertised price for food and beverages, even if this surcharge is clearly marked. This bill would help restaurants by temporarily allowing them to add a “COVID-19 recovery fee” of up to 10% of a customer`s total bill. The menu and invoice should clearly indicate these charges. This supplement would be allowed again up to 90 days after the full meal inside. Read Local Law 100 of 2020. Decisions rendered by OATHRule Effective Date: 12 March 2021Notice of adoption of the rules on judicial authority, delegated by the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) to the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH).

Read the rule. Modifying Process Server Audit RulesEffective date of the rule: 10. June 2020The Ministry of Consumer Affairs (“DCA”) is amending the process server rules to implement Local Law 112 of 2019, which requires the ministry to conduct audits of certain process servers and creates a notification system, including for application suspensions and revocations, as well as for the denial of process server license applications. Read the rule. City Council Legislation: Record: Rules Website: set minimum payments per trip to third-party food delivery services and employees. Date of entry into force of the law: 22. The April 2022 bill would require the Ministry of Consumer and Worker Protection to investigate the working conditions of third-party food suppliers, including revenue, expenses, equipment required, hours of work and safety. As a result of the study, the ministry is expected to publish rules by January 1, 2023, setting out minimum payments per trip to be made to external employees of food delivery services. Read Local Law 115 of 2021. Require third-party food delivery services to provide a description of telephone numbers provided for food service establishmentsLaw Effective Date: 27. December 2021Some third-party grocery delivery services generate and advertise unique phone numbers for food service establishments with which they contract and charge a fee when customers use that unique phone number to order food or beverages from establishments.

This bill would require that these services, when they provide a telephone number for an establishment, include the direct telephone number of that establishment and, if they also contain a single telephone number, a description of the telephone numbers. The description must include each type of phone number and any charges associated with its use. The Commissioner of the Ministry of Consumer and Worker Protection should issue rules defining the content, size and location of the description. Read Local Law 92 of 2021. Prohibition of residential addresses for tobacco retailers and retail licences for e-cigarettesRule: June 18, 2022Notice of the adoption of new rules prohibiting the issuance of a tobacco retailer`s licence or a retail licence for electronic cigarettes for use in residential premises. Read the rule. Amendment to the penalty schedule of the Consumer Protection ActEffective date of the rule: 10. June 2020Notice amending the Department of Consumer Affairs (“DCA” or “Department”) penalty plan to add entries for certain violations currently missing from the penalty plan, including violations of Section 5-38 of Chapter 5 of Title 6 of the New York City Rules, which requires sellers to comply with certain requirements when selling goods, that were temporarily flagged as rare, and add language with penalties of up to $500 for a deliberate violation of the Code and the Consumer Protection Rules. Read the rule. Force-fed products, subtitles in cinemas and automated decision aids for employmentRule: 5 August 2022Notice on the adoption of the implementing rules of Local Law 202 of 2019, Local Law 144 of 2021 and Local Law 37 of 2022.

These new rules add penalties for infringements related to the storage or sale of force-feeding products, open captions in cinemas and automated decision support tools for employment. Read the rule. Process ServerEffective date of the rule: October 23, 2022Notice amending the rules for implementing the new legislation relating to authorized process servers. Read the rule. These rules were approved on 12 December 2017 by joint decision of the Appeals Division departments. An amended version of these rules was published on June 29, 2018 and came into force on September 17, 2018. Redline highlights changes to the June 2018 amended rules Local Law 80 of 2021 and Local Law 98 of 2021Effective date: 19. January 2022Notice of adoption to add and amend rules to implement Local Law 80 of 2021 (“LL 80”) and Local Law 98 of 2021 (“LL 98”).

Read the rule. Create an exception to the item price requirement for retail stores equipped with scanners available to consumers. Effective date: March 21, 2022This bill would exempt grocery stores and other retailers selling storage units (“SKUs”) from labelling each item they sell with a price sticker under certain conditions.