In today`s real estate market, residential real estate agents need accurate real estate information at a glance, whether they represent buyers or sellers. Not only that, but they also need easy-to-use tools to structure this information into real estate information that clients can easily understand and have access to up-to-date property details. A simple address search on PropertyShark brings the essential real estate records from Alameda County, California, and the property data you need, such as: We are often asked why property information is not published on our website, as real estate property is part of the appraisal list, which is a public document by law. With the introduction of the Internet, the government is faced with the problem of reconciling public information requirements with the privacy rights of individuals. The law prohibits the evaluator from publishing on the Internet the home address of an elected or appointed public servant, including a security guard and a retired public servant. Because the cost and efforts of continuously updating this information is prohibitive, we do not display the names of the owners on our website. PropertyShark is committed to providing a comprehensive offering of real estate information and provides real estate investors with comprehensive real estate data that allows commercial and residential investors to conduct comprehensive searches of real estate records in Alameda County, California without our website. to leave and search for other sources. Save time, effort, and access: Eliminate tedious and laborious searches in Alameda County, CA Real Estate Records, and access comprehensive real estate information aggregated from multiple trusted sources, including Alameda County, CA Public Property Records, and enriched by proprietary searches. View property information such as document images, tax information, property history, title deeds, plot maps, etc. in one place. City of Oakland Finance and Management Agency Tax Records View the City of Oakland`s business tax requirements by filing, making payments, and more.

Information on the ownership of a limited number of packages can be requested by calling (510) 272-3787. Ownership of real estate is also possible in writing for a fee. Please call (510) 272-3787 for more information. Information about the property is available free of charge by visiting our public records section during normal business hours. Public records can be found in the County Administration Building, 1221 Oak Street, Room 145, Oakland. Please click HERE for a list of holidays when our office is closed. Image of the René C. Davidson Courthouse and County Administration Building (headquarters of the Alameda County Appraiser`s Office) in Oakland.