Life in military barracks is similar to that of student dormitories, except there are many more stripes while wearing incandescent belts – or nothing at all. But living in these studio-sized spaces isn`t all it`s supposed to be, especially if you share an open floor plan with three or four other people. So look at five rules that troops break all the time when they live in barracks. When we set up an entire floor of barracks rooms for returning duty staff, almost every room had broken office chairs. Some had broken beds. Others lacked curtains, bright lids or door handles. Even the bedding is very inferior and uncomfortable. So if your friend in the barracks complains about his room or wants to buy his own belongings, be supportive. You could even send him some decent sheets in the next care package. There are barracks on every military base. This is the residential area for all military personnel who are not married (or who are geographically separated from their spouse). The barracks are filled with hundreds of single rooms, a kind of motel.

Service members usually have a roommate who has a similar rank to them. Most military bases have designated areas where a cigarette can be blown out, called “smoke pits.” These areas are often far from the barracks and can be painful if you are wasted at 03:00 on a Saturday morning. Most of the troops decide to light smoke and hide the fiery red spikes, so the itinerant service (which probably also smokes) does not spot them. In the barracks, it`s basically the same thing, except that everyone`s clothes are the same color. And they steal each other`s socks. True story. This time I was there legally. With a large team of Volunteers from Operation Help a Hero, I helped clean and prepare the barracks rooms for returning members.

And boy, did that give me some flashbacks of my college years? If you want to send a care package to your friend in the barracks, you can send almost anything that would be useful for a student. Reading the description above should give you a better idea of his daily life and how he spends his time. Here are some things that are generally appreciated by everyone who lives in barracks: But it is safer to be wasted in barracks. Need we say more? In college, I got into trouble once trying to let my boyfriend spend the night in my room. The dormitory had rules: no guests for the night, and a light must be turned on all the time. There are similar rules for your friend in the barracks. Girls are allowed to visit the men in the barracks, but you can not spend the night. You must register for the obligation at the reception. The door to the barracks room must be opened during the visit. Last Saturday, I spent in barracks. It`s been a long time since I was a young military friend who sneaked into the barracks rooms and tried to visit my friend in the barracks. Once, I spent an entire weekend camping in an empty barracks room.

But that`s another story. Can I visit my friend in the barracks? That is a question I hear a lot. For the answer, read on. Like life in university dormitories, barracks life comes with tons of rules set by the higher command that each troop ends up violating. The food on the base is a bit healthy and tasty, but not very exciting, and the menu is repetitive. The only good thing about a chow room is that meals are free for unmarried service members and are within walking distance of their room. If they don`t want to eat 3 meals a day in Chow Hall, most guys keep food in their room – simple things that can be frozen and prepared in the microwave. They also like to order pizza or Chinese food on weekends. So if your friend spends some of their money on food, don`t blame them.

It is very easy to get tired of eating in the same cafeteria every day. Every weekend at university, it was a ritual for me to drag my laundry bag down several flights of stairs to the laundry room. There, I noticed that all the machines were full. I could either sit back and wait for one to be available, or leave the clothes there and go back to my room for a while. Both decisions involved their own risks. If I was lucky enough to find a ready machine, I had to ask myself if I should wait for someone else to move their wet clothes or if I should just put them in the dryer for them. And if you`ve left your own clothes in a dryer for too long, be careful! Someone could come and throw them on the ground! More ideas on what you can send in a care package can be found here. Let`s face it, members of the E-4 mafia don`t make much money.

Because of these financial difficulties, young troops developed secondary jobs, such as cutting hair or becoming tattoo artists. We do it when we`re not supposed to – f*ck it. College cafeterias are truly a success or a failure. Some are like chic food courts with a variety of options. Others are like school lunch lines where the day`s meal consists of instant mashed potatoes, faded vegetables and unidentified meats. A military chow room is more similar to the latter. Maybe your college had chic new dorms and beautiful furnishings. Mine certainly not.

The slag block walls and cheap wooden furniture were not very welcoming until we brought our own belongings and the place looked like home. I can`t get you to email me lizann Thank you for visiting and reading! I will check yours. 🙂 You can have a private bathroom or share a bathroom with a neighboring bedroom. The bedroom contains beds (shelves), dressers (walk-in lockers), closets, a small fridge, a microwave and a desk with a chair. The government provides basic bed linen. The service representative provides everything he needs while living there. Rules may vary by unit, but you usually need to log out before 10 p.m. To get to the base, you need to have a pass or sponsor when you arrive at the door. I`d like you to visit my blog and let me know what you think! It can get annoying if you get caught, so consider quitting. Well, in the army, guys from the same unit usually live in the same building. So your friend has a few friends that he sees all day, every day. They go to work together, train together, eat together and brush their teeth together.

They are also likely to get into trouble together. They are tight, in a stupid way. It was so helpful and well written! Thank you for writing this! When a service representative communicates with someone who attracts them, it is highly doubtful that they are hindering the flow of hormones long enough for their partner to show up for work and sign up. It`s just easier to introduce them. Contains affiliate links to Amazon. When you buy, I receive a small payment, at no extra cost to you. Wasn`t that one of the coolest parts of college dorm life – making friends on your floor? If you were bored or alone, or wanted to share news, you could just walk down the hallway to a friend`s room.