It is a great app for listening to and reading a summary of great books. Reflection and dominating the opposition`s options for action are just two of the many ways to gain power. Although it is dangerous to appear superior to others, it is even more dangerous to appear impeccable and without weakness. By showing harmless vices, you prevent the urge from arising and you make yourself appear more accessible. By letting the urge fester, it can manifest itself in various problematic ways that will eventually try to deprive you of your power. Stop it in its momentum by making you look powerful but not flawless. If you decide to isolate yourself from your enemies and the world as a whole, you will cut yourself off valuable information. This makes you vulnerable to attacks. It`s always best to mingle with people, as you`ll be better protected in a crowd. Because humans are social beings, power comes with social interaction. DON`T: Accumulate money or forget it`s just a tool to gain power; Don`t be. Law 5: Protect your reputation at all costs, as your reputation shapes the expectations of others. Bill 6: Be visible and stand out.

Bad publicity is always advertising. Bill 7: Ask others to do the work and get the credit. Save your time/energy by building your base. Law 8: Let people come to you to hold all the cards in your hand. Law 9: Win by action, not by argument. Prove your point without offending people. Law 10: Do not be infected by misery and misfortune. Connect with positive and successful people. Law 11: Make it essential to make it more difficult to cut yourself. Bill 12: Disarm people with strategic honesty and generosity – use them as tools to convince people. Law 13: Get help by appealing to self-interest, not good. Bill 14: Be a spy.

Gather information to get to know your opponents. Law 15: Totally destroy your enemy. Don`t give them a chance to recover. Bill 16: Increase your worth through absence and scarcity. Don`t let people take you for granted. Bill 17: Keep others on their toes by being unpredictable. Let them doubt. Law 18: Do not isolate yourself behind a fortress. Have eyes and ears everywhere. Bill 19: Know your opponents and who you are dealing with.

Law 20: Stay neutral as long as possible to maintain your independence (vs. commit to 1 side). Bill 21: Make your victims feel smarter than you so they can lower their alertness. Bill 22: Use surrender as a tool. Bid your time for revenge. Bill 23: Concentrate your powers. Do not spread them too thinly. Law 24: Be a masterful courtier to balance the different actors and leaders. Law 25: Create your own identity and use it as a costume. Bill 26: Don`t get your hands dirty.

Ask the class to do your dirty work. Bill 27: Create a cult audience. Play with what people want to see/hear. Bill 28: Act boldly to appear confident. Bill 29: Plan to the end so as not to be surprised. Bill 30: Make your achievements seem effortless. Don`t show your true secrets to success. Bill 31: Control options, but make people believe they are in control.

Law 32: Play with people`s fantasies so that they continue to follow you. Law 33: Find your opponent`s fatal weakness to break through his defenses. Bill 34: Behave as you want to be treated. Be royal and authoritarian. Law 35: Mastering the art of timing. Only strike at the right time. Law 36: Feign disinterest and ignore what you cannot have. Bill 37: Blind people with glasses so they don`t see what you`re really doing. Law 38: Hide your unorthodox thought. Pretend to fit in. Bill 39: Stir the waters to catch the fish. Make your opponents ruthless while remaining calm.

Bill 40: Beware of free lunch. The chains are always attached. Law 41: Take a new path instead of trying on the shoes of a tall man. Law 42: Beat the shepherd to scatter the sheep. Isolate the leader. Bill 43: Winning Hearts and Minds. Appeal to both feelings and logic. Law 44: Imbalance and confusion with the mirror effect (Masking reality with illusion). Bill 45: Introduce incremental changes. Drastic reforms bring resistance. Law 46: Do not seem too perfect, otherwise you invite jealousy.

Law 47: Don`t push too far in victory. Know when to stop. Bill 48: Be informal and unpredictable. All problems can usually be attributed to a single person. By exterminating this person and preventing him from operating, you will stop his influence. Do not waste time, otherwise their influence will multiply. In each group, power is concentrated in one or two people. Therefore, it is important to understand who controls the group. This becomes even more difficult, as troublemakers prefer to disguise their actions. However, isolate their power and they become superfluous.

The more you try to “look” flawless, the more you are questioned. Pressure and disappointment may follow. You will probably be asked about your mistakes during a job pre-selection. The answer “none” is incorrect. The ideal answer is to freely admit your weaknesses in insignificant areas. If you make a mistake, the powerful boss will simply fire you and hire a new employee. Instead, he comes up with a new idea. Choose a weak boss and let him rely on you until he can`t achieve anything without you. Let him get so entangled in your destiny that he can`t get rid of you so easily. To achieve this, be the only one who can do what you do.

Some of the world`s most powerful figures have praised Robert Greene`s 48 Laws of Power. This article gives optimal techniques to establish power and influence in any situation. It shows you how to get that power ethically. How you wear yourself will often determine how you are treated: in the long run, the appearance will be vulgar or usually cause people to disrespect you. Because a king respects himself and awakens the same feeling in others. By acting royally and being sure of your powers, you feel destined to wear a crown. Law 35: Mastering the art of timing: Anticipating the ebb and flow of power. Recognize when the time has come and align with the right side. Be patient and wait for your moment. Bad timing puts an end to careers and ambitions. EXCEPTION: Beware of those who are capable of revenge; Keep powerful enemies nearby and compromise their position with more caution and indirectity.

“The 48 laws of Power Summary” speaks on Greene`s behalf to adults, children, all students, entrepreneurs, workers of different races, and power seekers to change their mindset and perception, a different way of thinking would lead them to a more spacious way of thinking that generates happiness and dexterity. Your reputation is the basis of your power. The more you are recognized and respected, the more powerful you become. By creating great spectacular gestures, you will increase your presence and power. People will be too dazzled by the concerts to know what you`re really doing. Unlike the use of words, visual gestures contain emotional power and immediacy that leave no room for doubt. Where words separate, images unite. Use it to your advantage. To exercise power, first build trust with the people you are trying to influence. What happens first always seems better and more original than what comes next. If you follow a great man or have a famous relative, you need to double his achievements to overshadow them.

Don`t get lost in their shadow or get stuck in a past you didn`t cause yourself: establish your own name and identity by changing course. Kill the arrogant father, denigrate his legacy, and gain power by shining in your own way. We are constantly engaged in struggles for power and influence. Since the truth is often ugly, if you turn to it, you risk being bombarded with the rage of disillusionment. By tapping into the fantasies of the masses instead, people will flock to you while offering an alternative to disillusionment with reality. By observing which aspects of daily life are most hated, one can evoke fantasies that promise the opposite of people`s current realities, thus exercising phenomenal power. The 48 Laws of Power come from Robert Greene`s book The 48 Laws of Power, in which Greene learns from the lives of powerful historical figures to distill a set of laws that you can follow to become powerful in your own life. Feeling helpless is a miserable experience. If everyone had a choice, they would choose more power rather than less. But being so open in attempts to gain power is frowned upon. To come to power, you have to be subtle, cunning and democratic, but sneaky.

Therefore, bestselling author Robert Greene argues in his controversial book “The 48 Laws of Power” that if you manage to seduce, charm, and deceive your opponents, you will gain the ultimate power.